Activities of the School

Communication with the Parents

Open communication with the parents of our students helps us to avoid misunderstandings and remove feelings of mistrust or hostility. During these communications they are asked about their hopes or concerns regarding their children’s education.

Parent-teacher conference and PTA conference provides us a platform where teachers and parents discuss about the scholastic and co-scholastic activities of our pupils.Involving parents in school activities in a meaningful way also helps us to foster positive feelings between the school and the parents.(the PTC & PTA conference schedule have been mentioned in the Annual Planner)

Inculcation of Good Qualities

Teachers include those activities in the school, which help students to develop qualities such as empathy, reliability, respect, concern, and a sense of humor,throughout the day.

School Norms

Our school rules are clear to all students and are well-regulated.Our school norms focus on building positive values in our students.This helps students to learn, not just what they should and shouldn’t do, but why they should or shouldn’t do it.


Compliments given to the students help them to feel that they are cared for individually. The reinforcements are in the form of grades, prizes, announcements in the assembly, messaging through whats-app to the whole school. The achievements of our students are celebrated on a larger scale as well.

School Rituals and Traditions

On every last Friday (Primary Wing) and Saturday (Upper Wing) of the month the House co-curricular Activities are made to perform.This helps students engage with each other in positive events and builds morale in school. This gives students a chance to relax in between learning. This helps them become more refreshed when returning to their studies.

Principal-Teacher Conference

It is conducted on the last day of every month. In this all the planning for the next month is discussed and the teachers are told to act accordingly. The students are also discussed in this conference and respective measures are decided. Teachers are encouraged to try new methods of teaching. This conference helps the whole teaching staff to brainstorm and implement new ideas.

Health care

Regular Health check-up is done on the priority base in the school campus once a year. Counseling on personal hygiene of each individual is regularly carried out.

Regular analysis

The Principal is always informed of what’s going on in the school. The interactions of the Pedagogical Leader with the students and teachers remain regular. The aspects which are found toxic are eliminated as soon as possible.