Managing Director

Message From The Desk Of Managing Director

Mr. Guman Singh Thakur

“Rome cannot be built in a day” a great saying proves in front of you. Green Valley started its journey way back in 1989 under the able guidance of Mr. Karam Chand and a lot of water has flown in Sunail Khud since then. And today in 2017 we see a target being achieved slowly and steadily, where our team under motivation from sincere, patient and hard working management & parents, who have brought the existence of school to its present status.

I, personally, would like to congratulate the trio link of each every parent, teacher and all our students, who are contributing towards the better India of Today, giving me a great pleasure have further proved my favourite proverb on, “Team Work” – its says, “There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it does not matter who gets the credit.

Accomplishment of objectives is still ahead because nobody is perfect but at least we came out and tried to achieve at least the neighborhood of perfectness.

Also our team knows, ‘Where There is Will, There is A Way’ My most sincere, heartiest best wishes for the dream project ‘TRIVENI’ this magazine a true, impartial and justified endeavour by involving and encouraging our future writers who may prove the worth of Pen in the competitive and live world.

Lastly, but not the least I hope you would enjoy going through the minds of our young participating team of writers.

Thanks and Regards
G. S. Thakur